sisterhood of generational curse breakers dedicated to helping you live a transformed life 

Do You?

+ feel stuck & isolated in life by your pain or the things you've been through?

+ want to get closer to God but don't know how?

+ feel lost and in need of life long connections to help guide and mentor you through life's tribulations?

+ know there's a higher calling on your life but are confused on how to get there?


It's Time To Take Back Your 


God+Girl Community is a safe space for women to shed their trauma filled lives and transform their pain into purpose. 

This community was created for trauma survivors who want to:

  • transform their pain

  • build an intimate relationship with God

  •  gain clarity on who & what they are destined to be 

Navigating your spiritual healing journey and finding your purpose can be tough, but there's good news: You don't have to do it on your own. With our signature P.O.W.E.R framework combined with a community of women who just understand, you'll have all the tools you need to live your transformed life. 

What's Included?

+ Free Copy of the God I Need You Scripture Journal

+ Daily discussions in exclusive, confidential chat 

+ Weekly devotionals sent directly to your email

+ Bi-Weekly Live Coaching Seminars on the topics of pain transformation, personal & spiritual development with Lexi B and/or special guests

+ Monthly Live Q&A Sessions & Group Share-apy 

+ Quarterly Book Club Discussion

+ Yearly Fasting & Other Challenges 

+ Exclusive Discounts on Merch, Events, and Courses (coming soon)

Benefits Of Becoming A Member

Upon joining members can expect:

+ to gain clarity on your purpose 

+ a more intimate & stronger relationship with God

+ a lifetime sisterhood of women to keep you accountable to your growth 

+ transformational healing 

+  tools, strategies, and resources to live a fulfilled life

What's the investment?

Join women nationwide who are healing their pain and growing in God for only $30/month.Click below to start for free!

Meet The Host


Hi, I'm Lexi B and I am blessed to serve the world by teaching trauma survivors how to transform their pain into power and purpose

In 2013 I was in an physically, mentally, & financially abusive relationship and during this time I contracted HIV, that relationship ended when one day he placed a gun to my head and threatened to end my lfe. For years afterwards I blamed myself for the pain I experienced which led to a deep bout of depression.   

That was until 2018, when I finally said ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH and I decided that the life I was currently living wasn't t the life made for me. And the only way for me to start living a transformed life was to look at my pain from a different perspective. 

I quickly realized that the only way for me to live a transformed life was to first unlearn everything that my past & pain had taught me and start learning who it was God called me to be before I even reached my mother's womb.

Soon after the God+Girl Podcast was born & I quickly realized that I was purposed to help trauma survivors and generational curse breakers connect a strong faith to a strong self-worth. It is an honor to use my life and testimony to showcase that all things truly work out for your good.


The best form of self-love is God's love. Jumpstart your spiritual healing journey and begin to learn

  1.  Why God loves you

  2. How God loves you

  3. And what His love means for you & your life